College of Human Medicine

Student Ombudsperson

A CHM student might contact the CHM Student Ombudsperson when they:

  • Feel uncertain about an experience related to CHM and need to talk it through
  • Desire to address a problem in an educational setting before is becomes a serious conflict
  • Need help developing a strategy to resolve or mediate a CHM-related dispute
  • Have feelings related to the dealing with CHM that result in disturbing, intense, or distressing feelings
  • Have experienced mistreatment
  • Have a problem or conflict involving CHM and be uncertain about  proceeding
  • Feel concerns are not being listened to within advised channels of resolution
  • Desire help with analysis of their situation at CHM
  • Feel that they have been treated unfairly or insensitively by CHM or in the educational setting
  • Have suggestions about how to improve the CHM learning environment 

CHM faculty might contact the CHM Student Ombudsperson when they:

  • Desire to avoid escalating a problem involving a student
  • Have concerns about a student and feel unsure how or if to intervene
  • Have concerns about an interaction with a student
  • Are unsure about how their own behavior may be perceived