College of Human Medicine

Student Resolution Advocate

Responses to student concerns / What to expect

  • A safe and confidential environment in which to share concerns*
  • Help with analysis of their concerns or situation
  • Assistance with developing and evaluating options for resolving a concern
  • Coaching about how an issue or concern may be presented more effectively
  • Exploration of the problem informally (with student permission and when appropriate), with recommendations to the student or others
  • Direct assistance (with student’s permission and when appropriate), such as mediation of conflict, facilitation of meetings
  • Referral to documents such as the CHM Student Manual for Assessment and Promotion, Clerkship Handbooks,course syllabi, and Medical Students Rights and Responsibilities
  • Suggestion to contact specific college administrators
  • Enhanced knowledge of existing college and university channels for resolution and services
  • Information the University Policy on Sexual Harassment
  • Referral to the MSU Ombudsperson and other College and University resources


  • Determine guilt of any party in a dispute
  • Get involved in any formal litigation
  • Adjudicate or participate in formal university grievances
  • Provide legal advice
  • Assign sanctions on individuals
  • Replace any official university office, department, or process
  • Keep records of identifiable students and/or conversations
  • Maintain records that identify visitors/contacts/reporters

*Exceptions to confidentiality include notification to authorities when there is a reasonable expectation of imminent harm, mandated reporting consistent within expectations of the Clery Act (crime on or near campus), and in compliance with the Title IX and MSU Sexual Harassment reporting mandates. Please ask the Student Resolution Advocate if you are uncertain about any limits of confidentiality.

Contacting the CHM Student Resolution Advocate does not serve as notice to the College of Human Medicine or to Michigan State University